Each endless night needs a beginning.

LVXVRIA™ is a Riesling Sparkling Wine, made from a blend of the highest quality German wines.

Aged in the bottle - young in taste.

A fine bubbling creation that combines sophisticated flavors with a refreshing, fruity character.

Try something new*

*Despite over 200 years of experience.


Good things come to those who wait - and in the case of LVXVRIA, after 200 years. Since 1810, exclusive wines and champagnes have been made in our small winery in Germany. In 2012 we have created a unique blend of LVXVRIA. And the wait was worth it.

Why do we import our wine from more then 6.000 Miles away?

The answer to this question is actually a number: 50. Because with Germany being on the 50th latitude, it is one of the most northernly situated vineyards in the world. Only here do the special Riesling varieties grow, which form the basis for the fruity blend LVX and give it its fine apple-peach notes.
But why not convince yourself.

Get your LVX here!

At the following locations you can find LVXVRIA in Singapore. More to come soon.

Before the morning after

If you can mix LVX? Well our cellar master would say: "Are you crazy?" We say: It's up to your taste. And these three mixed drinks taste pretty darn good. But let's keep it our secret.


LVX Effect

Keeps its promise: A sip of this irresistable drink and you will discover taste buds that you would not believe to exist.

  • 2cl Cointreau
  • 2cl Gin
  • Plenty of LVX

LVX Imperial

For years our cocktail department worked on the complex interpretation of Kir Royal. And succeeded! It is red and delicious.

  • 2cl Vodka
  • 2cl Crème de Cassis
  • Plenty of LVX

LVX Bull

Do you remember this faboulous night when you went to bed early and got plenty of sleep? Exactly. Cheers!

  • 1 part Red Bull
  • 1 part LVX
  • Plenty of ice

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